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Ad Tracking Research

Ad Tracking

What is Ad Tracking?

Ad Tracking is the process by which companies track the effectiveness of advertisements. Ad Tracking is also called post-testing or ad effectiveness tracking.  Ad Tracking includes taking periodic measurements of the impact of an advertising campaign.

Purpose of Ad Tracking

Ad Tracking is used to estimate the return on investment (ROI) of advertising, and to refine advertising. Ad Tracking helps companies improve campaigns or delete others that are not working.

Ad Tracking Measures

  • Top of Mind Awareness
  • Aided and Unaided Message Recall
  • Aided and Unaided Advertising Awareness
  • Aided and Unaided Brand Awareness
  • Market Segment Characteristics
  • Brand Trial
  • Brand Image
  • Demographics

How Can You Track Your Advertising? Persuadable Research Is The Answer.

Persuadable Research Corporation can help you monitor the effectiveness of your ads, and help you obtain the right information to aid in making the best advertising decisions. Contact the Persuadable Research Corporation to track your next ad campaign to get the most from your advertising dollars.