May 2017 - Persuadable Research Corporation

Name Testing

Persuadable Research knows how to ask the right questions of your target market, via focus groups and online surveys, to get the results that will deliver now and in the future. Name testing is a process done to find the right name for the right product. The name of a brand should appeal to the target market, connect the consumer emotionally to the product, be easy to remember and easy pronounce.

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Monistat Tracking Case Study

Measuring the Impact of Media Spending CHALLENGES In 2012, Insight Pharmaceuticals acquired the Monistat brand, which had retained its position as a category leader, despite several years with minimal marketing support. Insight Pharma needed to revive the brand to increase sales.  Specifically: ♦    Monitor how responsive the brand was to media spending ♦    Understand which

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Brand and Category Tracking Studies

Brand Tracking Case Study Learn how a client of ours used a tracking study to evaluate and increase brand awareness. Read the Case Study Data is important. Data, compiled over time, is critical. It’s one thing to know where your brand is at a specific moment in time, but having multiple data points over a

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