Telephone Surveys - Persuadable Research Corporation

A Telephone survey is any type of study that can be conducted over the telephone with a large quantity of participants, where images or video are not required.  The participants are asked to answer a series of questions, usually with multiple choice or yes/no answers.

Telephone is still an important tool, if it is a tool used by your target audience.  For example, telephone can be a great resource if trying to reach people in rural counties with low population density.  It is also still a viable tool for B2B, especially with in the context of in-depth interviews.

Telephone is a good supplement to other methodologies to ensure representation of populations who may not be online, i.e. they don’t have computers, internet or smartphones.  Telephone surveys are still critical to certain research targeted to professionals, i.e. doctors, lawyers, engineers.

Weakness & limitations

  • Telephone has lost a lot of ground, due to people “cutting the cord.”
  • Caller ID has made it difficult to get people to answer the phone for a survey.
  • Just because you have someone’s cell phone number doesn’t mean you should call it. Their reaction may be different than you were hoping for.
  • The telephone interview process is slow and can be hard on the respondent.