A Brand Makeover: Packaging Test - Persuadable Research Corporation

Know what works before you change it!

A client wanted to redesign their packaging system across their entire product line – logo, branding, colors, imaging, product description, etc.

The mission?

  • Don’t alienate current users
  • Bring new natural product users to brand.
  • Make sure the new packaging system articulates their key brand pillars.

Three packaging themes were created and tested against current packaging.


  • Given the variety of products under the brand’s umbrella, defining the sample targets required a thoughtful approach. The target needed to be broad enough to find the packaging relevant as well as specific so that the product line resonated with them.
  • Obtain comparisons between the different packaging on various parameters such as intention to buy, likeability, color scheme etc.
  • Identify the appeal of various elements such as the images, the colors, the logo, the call out etc.
  • Determine how each packaging design performs on key brand promises identified in brand positioning.


  • Winning package design: Two of the new packages were very close.  One of the “top two” designs articulated the key brand pillars more clearly than the other.  This was the tie breaker.
  • While a clear winner was identified, the diagnostics revealed that there were elements within the current package design which were critical to success and needed to be included in the new design.


  • A new packaging system was identified which supports all key brand pillars.
  • The brand incorporated the critical messaging elements from the current packaging system into the new design.
  • Products sporting the new packaging design landed on shelves in 2017.