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What We Do

Insights impact decisions which impact sales. The Persuadables® collect actionable data you can rely on to give you the marketing advantage you need.  We conduct marketing research to identify current and potential users of your Brand and test your creative concepts to optimize their impact on current and potential users of your brand. Save money and time with insights from the Persuadables®.

Who We Work With

Brand managers, agency planners, and marketing directors partner with us because they know the Persuadables® deliver high quality insights, offer creative research solutions and work with tight timelines and budgets. Our expertise includes everything from food to OTC medications to beauty products to cocktail mixers.

How We Do It

Our Persuadables® team uses cutting edge methodologies, including AI-powered research tools, to identify your most important targets and to evaluate your marketing messages, including product packaging and creative concepts to attract those users to your brand. We get to know you and your business to provide an exceptional research experience.

Renee Grandchamp Davis
Renee Grandchamp Davis

'“Persuadable Research has been a consistent and highly valued partner,  providing  a variety of solutions, both big and small, to the disparate challenges that arise with a multi-brand portfolio. Over the years, they have helped us identify great opportunities and make informed decisions with our products, packaging, and portfolio.”'

Brand Manager - WellSpring Consumer Healthcare
Jona Mancuso
Jona Mancuso

'“The team at Persuadable Research truly operates as an extension of our internal brand team.”'

VP of Marketing - Carma Laboratories
Jason Pellegrini
Jason Pellegrini

'“The research generated powerful insights that led us to make some critical changes to how we market the brand and communicate product benefits. In less than a year, we’re already seeing sales velocity increases!”'

CEO - Quantum Health
Sarah Adler Remy
Sarah Adler Remy

'“We are so pleased here, with [brand] sales up double-digits in most accounts!”'

Senior Consultant - Susan B. Levy Consulting
Kate Jones & Julie McPeek
Kate Jones & Julie McPeek

'“There has never been a project where we didn’t learn something new, which had a huge impact on our brand business models.”'

Founders - Provisor Marketing, LLC
Jennifer Moyer
Jennifer Moyer

'“The Persuadables team has been invaluable at helping me answer key business questions…”'

VP of Marketing & Sales - Clarion Brands
Anthony J. Cicini
Anthony J. Cicini

'“Persuadable Research armed us with valuable insights which helped us craft a winning marketing strategy for our new product.”'

Vice President - Troy Healthcare, LLC
Rob Rankin
Rob Rankin

'“Their efforts, insights and actionable research has been invaluable. They are responsive, collaborative and provide us with a reliable, high quality experience with every project.”'

Partner & President - Clarity Coverdale Fury

What Sets Us Apart

We can't wait to meet you! Our friendly and professional staff are ready to amaze you.


Methodologies are the “tools of the trade:” the different methods we use to uncover and explore data. Persuadable Research can help you determine which methods will be most effective in achieving the insights you’re looking for.

Our Core Strengths

Every company is really good at some things, but can’t be great at everything. The following survey types are the areas where we have the most experience & expertise. These are the reasons our clients keep coming back.

Advanced Analytics

Beyond a basic research study, Persuadable Research can provide a deeper look at the data with advanced analytics. These research tools can help uncover the specific insights you’re looking for.

Case Studies

The Latest From OUR BLOG

Rocket Powered Insights–Holiday Parties

Background In November 2021, we did a small research study to test a new offering called "Rocket Powered Insights." The study asked 1,000 Adults 18+ about their plans for holiday gatherings during what was hoped to be the waning stages of the COVID Pandemic. The study fielded just before Thanksgiving, and here are some of the...

AAU Informs Portfolio Architecture and Innovation Opportunities to Drive Growth

Background In 2015, Carma Laboratories was seeking to accelerate growth for the Carmex lip care brand and had key questions related to: Which consumers should they target? And, what products would attract them? Rather than guessing, they pursued answers. That summer, Carma Laboratories commissioned an Attitudes, Awareness & Usage study with Persuadable Research. The results...

A Brand Makeover: Packaging Test

Know what works before you change it! A client wanted to redesign their packaging system across their entire product line – logo, branding, colors, imaging, product description, etc. The mission? Don’t alienate current users Bring new natural product users to brand. Make sure the new packaging system articulates their key brand pillars. Three packaging themes…

Our Clients

You are sure to recognize many of the names on our growing list of clients. Please click on them for more information. We work with all clients from all industries!

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