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Earlier this year, Persuadable Research was proud to partner on a research study with RLA Collective and Mommy MD Guides® surveying both moms-to-be and new moms. The exciting results of this collaboration have just been released. The press release that follows includes a link to the reports.

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When it comes to pregnant and new moms, more than three quarters (77%) say a “doctor recommended” seal is important when purchasing OTCs, according to a  new four-part survey titled, “Mom-Shop Report, A National Survey of New Moms’ Shopping Behavior,” conducted by RLA Collective, Persuadable Research and the Mommy MD Guides®. The 2017 survey offers a treasure trove of health and wellness behavioral shopping data, and leaves no rock unturned when it comes to how this dynamic group seeks out information on health brands, their use of social media, expectations of parenthood, what they want from their HCPs and more.

Focusing primarily on personal care, OTC and supplements, the body of information presented in four downloadable reports ( looks at what makes this phase of life special and offers insight into new moms’ entry into parenthood and how they make purchase decisions for these categories of products. Included were 1,050 women randomly drawn from a national sample of first- and second-time pregnant and first-time moms with children ranging from birth through 36 months.

“Pregnant and new moms are a unique demographic that comes with a distinct set of behaviors,” said Robin Russo, president and partner of RLA Collective.  “Some of the results of this comprehensive survey opened our eyes to key insights about how this group seeks out and purchases health and wellness brands.”

One of the more surprising findings, for example, suggests that brands should consider targeting baby boomer grandmothers who are among the biggest influencers for new moms. Other key findings include:

  • While mobile is used to research by more than half of new moms, 66% are purchasing OTCs from brick-and-mortar mass merchandisers, 57% from local chain drug and 44% from grocery stores; 22% are purchasing online from and 10% from online drug stores.
  • Facebook is key to this group: Nearly 7 in 10 women across all life stages have “liked” a brand’s Facebook page in the last 6 months and the number of brand pages liked or followed is very high: 29% of the moms say they liked 21 or more Facebook brand pages.
  • Regarding motherhood, the majority of new moms (50%) were just “somewhat” prepared for this big life change; just slightly more than one quarter (28%) were “very” prepared.
  • HCP opportunity: Nearly three quarters of HCPs provide informational materials at least “sometimes,” however, 38% of new moms wished their HCP provided more informational materials.
  • Don’t leave dads out of the equation: They are quite involved in parenting, helping select OTCs (71%), choosing personal care baby essentials, such as diapers and wipes (67%), and choosing formula/baby food (65%).

According to Charles Miller, president and CEO of Persuadable Research, “One of the interesting features of this survey is that we’ve looked at the many aspects of motherhood, reflecting not only their purchase behaviors, but also the pleasures and challenges of motherhood. A brand could potentially mine the volumes of emotions that play into how to target this group.”

Jennifer Reich, co-founder and publisher of Momosa Publishing LLC, which publishes the Mommy MD Guides® said, “We were delighted to learn that most new moms are happy with their infant’s HCP, but it was equally interesting to find out what issues they have with their providers. There’s much to extract from this survey of new moms.”

Download all four reports at  Contact Robin Russo,

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