In-Depth Interview - Persuadable Research Corporation

An In-Depth Interview (IDI) is a qualitative survey conducted over the phone or in-person, conducted by a trained interviewer.  IDIs are open-ended, flowing conversations, with fewer participants.  The interviewer goes in with an outline of discussion topics, but uses instinct and experience to guide the conversation to unearth critical insights.

  • IDIs are 30 minutes to 1 ½ hours, depending on whether they are in-person or over the phone.
  • Due to the flowing nature of how the interviews occur, we’re often able to dig deep into underlying causes of a problem, frustrations or issues.
  • Because the interviews are conducted one-on-one, interviewers are able to “read between the lines.” Sometimes what’s NOT being said can offer as much, or more insight, as spoken answers.
  • In an IDI, you usually get more of the “back story.”

Weakness & limitations

  • Usually the sample sizes are small and are not projectable. (Just because 10 people see it that way doesn’t mean it holds true for the rest of the population.)
  • It can be very hard, time-consuming and expensive to get people to sit down and talk with you for this long.