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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The internet has revolutionized the research world. Researchers now have the ability to “talk to” hundreds of people more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater engagement than was ever possible using the telephone or a paper survey.  Online surveys offer significant advantages for all parties involved:  the researcher, the marketer and the respondent.  Online quantitative research allows respondents to engage with the survey on their schedule, not the schedule of the telephone call center.

Online surveys

  • … are self-administered, offering greater efficiency of cost & time for the client
  • … can cover 50% more content in the same amount of time vs. a telephone survey
  • … offer opportunities for multimedia engagement, with the ability to present videos, images, animatics, audio, and much more
  • … tend to be very representative of most marketing targets, for example:  female grocery shoppers

Weaknesses & Limitations:

  • Online surveys tend to under-represent:
    • people at the extremes of the income scales, both high & low
    • individuals without computers or smartphones
    • African-Americans & Hispanics
    • people who don’t like taking surveys, i.e. busy marketing professionals