Package Testing - Persuadable Research Corporation

The way a brand presents itself on-shelf is the moment of truth.  In crowded categories, it’s easy to be overlooked.  In small categories, it’s often hard to differentiate yourself.  The variables at play in the consumer’s mind, in the 1-7 seconds they will consider your product, are endless.  Package testing is critical in giving your product a fighting chance in this hyper-competitive environment.

If you’re starting from scratch, we highly encourage you to invest in exploratory qualitative research first.  If you’ve already landed on a handful of final package designs, only then would we recommend going straight to quantitative for concept testing.

In package testing, we typically look into the following key information areas:

  • Overall appeal, and to which target groups
  • Intent to purchase
  • Scores against a battery of attributes: uniqueness, relevance, eye-catching, etc.
  • Which icons and elements are most memorable, and why?
  • Recall of the brand and package elements
  • Does it outperform existing or competitive packaging?
  • Which claims resonate most? Least?