Perceptual Map - Persuadable Research Corporation

A Perceptual map is a visual technique that attempts to display the perceptions of consumers on different brands, relative to their competition. It is an efficient way of representing different brands within a category on a multidimensional map.  At a glance, one is able to assess the position occupied by a respective brand as compared to other brands, as well as the IDEAL brand.

A Perceptual Map helps a client’s brand understand where they are in the competitive landscape, relative to their competitors.  It shows the “white space” (an area where competition is low or non-existent) where they are credible to go.

A Perceptual Map can:

  • Ascertain if there is any potential for new brand extension
  • Track how the marketing campaigns are impacting the brand’s positioning
  • Investigate the need gaps by examining the difference between the brand and the ideal brand positioning.

If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” call Persuadable Research to incorporate the right visual into your next research study. We’d love to help you write the next chapter of your marketing story.



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