Julie Close

Director of Operations

Julie has been with Persuadable Research since 2012. She has a BA in Business Administration & Finance. Julie has served in a variety of administrative, financial & marketing roles throughout her career, in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

As Director of Operations, her responsibilities are broad, incorporating responsibilities for sample procurement, company financials, project operations and a bit of marketing on the side. As a strategic thinker, outside-the-box problem solver, and Enneagram 8, the most motivating words for Julie are, “It can’t be done." 

A life-long northerner, Julie now lives in Florida with her husband & college sweetheart, Steve. Having recently completed a Master of Arts in New Testament, when she is not at Persuadable Research, she serves in her church as a pastor. 

Julie is a “coffee snob," enjoys home renovation, landscaping, making music and visiting her favorite people (her adult daughters). She loves cooking, camping, cats, and alliteration; but, hates iced tea, olives, bad coffee, and bad music. Julie’s love-language is sarcasm, and she wants to be a storm chaser when she grows up.

Julie’s family motto: “If it’s going to be funny later… it might as well be funny now."