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In November 2021, we did a small research study to test a new offering called “Rocket Powered Insights.”

The study asked 1,000 Adults 18+ about their plans for holiday gatherings during what was hoped to be the waning stages of the COVID Pandemic.

The study fielded just before Thanksgiving, and here are some of the key findings.


Getting together
• It appears that Americans sense the world is returning to normal, especially when it comes to gathering with people they know.
• 71% prefer “Family dinners/gatherings” in-person this holiday season.
• 52% prefer to “Gather with friends” in-person.
• 36% prefer to participate in “Religious ceremonies” in-person.

Hosting Events
• Hosting dinners and parties during the holidays involves a lot of work, so it might not be surprising that people are more excited to attend events than organize and host their own.
• 51% of respondents are Very likely or Somewhat likely to host a Family dinner/gathering.
• 37% of respondents are Very likely or Somewhat likely to host a Gathering with friends.
• 18% of respondents are Very likely or Somewhat likely to host an Office party.

The Vaccinated seem more confident, but remain cautious
• We asked everyone to rate how they felt about a variety of things this holiday season versus a year ago.
• For every positive measure, vaccinated people reported higher percentages than unvaccinated people.
• They feel more “Fortunate,” “Generous,” “Eager to return to Normal,” “Festive,” “Feel closer to loved ones,” “Financially stronger,” and “Safer.”
• This suggests that fears and concerns experienced during COVID may be subsiding.
• Please note: Unvaccinated respondents may have scored lower due to having fewer concerns a year ago than people who accepted vaccines. This does not necessarily mean that they’re less festive; we suspect that some feel just as festive this year as they did last year.

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About Rocket Powered Insights

Rocket Powered Insights offer brand marketers a fast, affordable market research option focused
on answering a critical question in days, not weeks.

This isn’t do-it-yourself. This isn’t an omnibus. This is a custom, dedicated study among 1,000+ Adults 18+
for marketers who need answers fast.

Use Rocket Powered Insights to answer questions like these . . .
• Which package do people prefer?
• What percent of consumers shop this category?
• What’s the demographic profile of people who like my concept? What’s their purchase intent?
• Have consumers noticed my brand’s innovation? Do they like it?

In order to move this fast, this affordably, and at our standard of quality…the study has to be simple.
•Respondent target: Adults ages 18+.
• National geography
• Minimum 1,000 completes
• No maximum, but larger sample sizes take longer
•Survey length: maximum 8 questions (plus 5 standardized demographic questions)
•Timing: Data tables in 3-7 business days once questions are approved. PowerPoint reports add time and cost.
•Minimal programming logic (skip patterns, piping responses)
• Maximum one video
• Does not include coding of verbatims. Verbatims can be coded for an additional cost.
• This is our most affordable option. Call 913.385.1700 Ext 302 for a quote[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]