Sarah Adler Remy, Senior Consultant, Susan B. Levy Consulting - Persuadable Research Corporation

April, 2015

“Last year I started working on a very small brand that had experienced double-digit declines for many years. There was an immediate need to stabilize sales – and a longer term desire to return the brand to growth – but no clear path forward. I contacted Persuadable Research based on a recommendation. …The research itself was very in-depth, giving us many consumer insights to use in our marketing efforts.

“Based on the [research], we confidently made changes to the package graphics and claims. We know there is a direct tie between the graphics change and double-digit sales increases at our major customers… because retail sales increased after the packaging hit the shelves, nothing else had been changed.

“I am beyond thrilled with the results and am excited for the upcoming season in which we are devoting some of our spending to reach the newly identified consumer group.”

Client Update July, 2015

“We are so pleased here, with [brand] sales up double-digits in most accounts! Based on the research, we tweaked our messages and changed our packaging, which made a huge difference. As a result, we are looking forward to launching an additional [brand] product in the near future.”