Attitude, Awareness and Usage Studies (AA&U) - Persuadable Research Corporation

AA&Us are comprehensive studies seeking insights into a particular business category, either products or services.  By studying the attitudes, awareness & usage of brands within a competitive set, client brands are able to see where they stand in relation to their competitors and make strategic decisions to improve their position.

Typically, we begin the AA&U process through exploratory, qualitative research in order to understand perceptions & consumer vocabulary within the category.  This is followed by a large quantitative study, providing statistically reliable data, which we use to illustrate the position of each brand in the minds of category consumers.

There are a lot of insights to be gained from an AA&U study.

  • Perceptual maps show your position, relative to your competitor’s, and show the “white space” where your competitors are vulnerable and where consumers will give you permission to go.
  • Comparing brands on attributes exposes “need gaps” in the marketplace. It also exposes weaknesses where your competitors may be falling short.
  • Segmentation studies / Cluster analyses identify current and potential users of your brand, helping you target those who will be most impacted by your marketing efforts.
  • AA&U studies are large, sprawling studies that cover a lot of ground. Not every research need can be addressed in one AA&U.  We can help you prioritize which elements are most critical to your strategy.

An AA&U study outlines the “battlefield” for your category, showing you where your brand is in relation to all of your competitors.  It is the basis of all professional strategic marketing campaigns.  Don’t get caught without one.  Why guess when you can know?