Lotion Brand AA&U Study - Persuadable Research Corporation

Ah, There’s the Rub!

A Lotion Brand’s Strengths & Weaknesses


This family-owned brand needed a clearer understanding of attitudes, awareness, and usage of its brand, especially among its heavy users. They also needed a better understanding of the category, to identify their true competitors, in order to compare strengths and weaknesses.


checkboxes Gained deeper understanding of the brand’s consumer.

  • Older, and in a few key regions of the country.
  • Very loyal, but a smaller franchise than ideal.

checkboxes Brand position did not resonate, but value equation was right.


The brand updated its packaging to a more mainstream look and focused efforts to drive key SKUs toward the most loyal customers’ needs. The marketing strategy was altered and a social media strategy was added. As a result, the brand’s sales grew 21% in a 1.5% growth category (52 wks).