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Rocket Powered Insights–Holiday Parties

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Background In November 2021, we did a small research study to test a new offering called "Rocket Powered Insights." The study asked 1,000 Adults 18+ about their plans for holiday gatherings during what was hoped to be the waning stages of the COVID Pandemic. The study fielded just before Thanksgiving, and here are some of the...

AAU Informs Portfolio Architecture and Innovation Opportunities to Drive Growth

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Background In 2015, Carma Laboratories was seeking to accelerate growth for the Carmex lip care brand and had key questions related to: Which consumers should they target? And, what products would attract them? Rather than guessing, they pursued answers. That summer, Carma Laboratories commissioned an Attitudes, Awareness & Usage study with Persuadable Research. The results...

A Brand Makeover: Packaging Test

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Know what works before you change it! A client wanted to redesign their packaging system across their entire product line – logo, branding, colors, imaging, product description, etc. The mission? Don’t alienate current users Bring new natural product users to brand. Make sure the new packaging system articulates their key brand pillars. Three packaging themes…

Breaking Out of the “Bermuda Triangle”

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A Qualitative Conversation with HCPs about in-office marketing of OTCs CHALLENGES A new company with a line of health products needed to determine the most efficient way to inform Healthcare professionals (HCPs) about their products. Do we need the reps to talk to the HCPs? Or do we mail information kits to the HCPs? Where…

Monistat Tracking Case Study

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Measuring the Impact of Media Spending CHALLENGES In 2012, Insight Pharmaceuticals acquired the Monistat brand, which had retained its position as a category leader, despite several years with minimal marketing support. Insight Pharma needed to revive the brand to increase sales.  Specifically: ♦    Monitor how responsive the brand was to media spending ♦    Understand which…

Research Investment Yields Award

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Carmex, an 80 year-old All-American brand, used a Persuadable Research AA&U study as the impetus for creating a new lip care product, one that ended up generating new sales and winning Product of the Year for the venerable brand.

Reviving a Brand’s Heritage

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A hand & body lotion client wanted to lay out a long-term strategy to ascertain where and how to grow the brand. The brand had a strong heritage. Is that heritage still relevant? Can that heritage be leveraged further?

Persuadable Research studied the brand and its challenges, and developed a plan to map the market to determine the brand’s positioning in the competitive landscape.

Quantifying the Impact of Advertising

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What if you’re already the market leader? CHALLENGES The client’s brand was a market leader with good name recognition, despite the fact that the brand had never advertised before. They wanted to experiment with advertising in local markets to understand the impact of advertising on the brand.  The key questions:   How would advertising impact…

Pre/Post-Awareness Case Study

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Measuring Awareness, Trial & Usage   CHALLENGES A company with multiple regional brands was looking to measure awareness, trial, usage, and campaign effectiveness among heavy users within the category. Uncover changes in “top of mind” (TOM) and aided recall, ad recall, changes in purchase behavior, and future purchase intent Determine if re-positioning efforts were getting…

New Product, New Category AA&U

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Challenges Troy Healthcare uncovered a new technology with the potential to bring relief to consumers suffering a potentially debilitating condition. They needed to understand the migraine category completely. Who are the sufferers? What is the nature of the suffering? Are they open to new ideas? How much would they pay for a new product? Insights…


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