Quantifying the Impact of Advertising - Persuadable Research Corporation

What if you’re already the market leader?


  • The client’s brand was a market leader with good name recognition, despite the fact that the brand had never advertised before.
  • They wanted to experiment with advertising in local markets to understand the impact of advertising on the brand.  The key questions:  
    • How would advertising impact the brand’s equity?
    • Would any “bump” in market share be worth the advertising investment?


  • The PRE-Awareness wave was done right before the media campaign was launched.
    • The brand already commanded a 50% top-of-mind recall and almost universal brand awareness.
    • Around 40% thought they may have seen an ad for the brand, although no advertising had been done! (Ghost Awareness)
    • Given such high brand awareness, the agency was wondering if, and how, advertising would enhance the robust brand equity.
  • The POST-Awareness wave was conducted immediately after the media campaign concluded. There was a significant lift in these key measures:
    • Top-of-mind brand recall, brand awareness and ad awareness
    • “Most recent purchase of the product” also experienced considerable growth.
  • One of the key findings was that the light users of the product were driving the growth of the brand.


  • The ad campaign helped to carve out a unique positioning for the brand.
  • The brand believed they had good awareness because they were the market leader, but the research showed that even high awareness can see a lift with spending.
  • The client recognized the benefit of advertising, especially for persuading low-frequency users, offering them measurable ROI on the media spend and the research.