Rocket Powered Surveys

Not every business question requires a large, sweeping research study. Sometimes, insight comes from simple answers.

Rocket Powered Surveys offer brand marketers a custom market research option focused on answering a critical question in days, not weeks.

We’ve streamlined our processes to deliver a fast, affordable solution, ideal for marketers and entrepreneurs who need data quickly to make informed decisions now.

This isn’t do-it-yourself. This is full-service, custom research for studies with one or two clear objectives and for marketers who value well-crafted research.

Use Rocket Powered Surveys to answer questions like these . . .

  • Which ad should I run? Will it alienate my base?
  • Do consumers want red or blue?
  • Why aren’t people re-purchasing the product? Is it the product form?
  • How many of my consumers listen to satellite radio? Does the channel make sense for us?
  • Have consumers noticed my competitor’s innovation? Does it have staying power?

Rocket Powered Survey Fundamentals

In order to move this fast, this affordably, and at our standard of quality…the study has to be simple.

  • Timing: 3-10 business days
  • Survey length: 8 minutes or less (10 to 15 questions, plus demographics)
  • Completes: no limit, but large samples take longer
  • Minimal programming logic (skip patterns, piping responses)
  • Respondent target: >30% incidence and (ideally) national geo.
  • Focused objectives: one or two research objectives, concepts, creative executions
  • This is our most affordable option. Call 913.385.1700 for a quote!

Rocket Powered Studies

  • Ad Perceptual
  • Brand Perceptual
  • Concept/Package Test
  • Other custom study options available


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