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New Mom Shopping Survey

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Earlier this year, Persuadable Research was proud to partner on a research study with RLA Collective and Mommy MD Guides® surveying both moms-to-be and new moms. The exciting results of this collaboration have just been released. The press release that follows includes a link to the reports. If you are interested in a personal “walk…

Rocket Powered Insights

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Not every business question requires a large, sweeping research study. Sometimes, insight comes from simple answers. Rocket Powered Insights offer brand marketers a fast, affordable market research option focused on answering a critical question in days, not weeks. This solution is ideal for marketers and entrepreneurs who need data quickly to make informed decisions now. This…

Monistat Tracking Case Study

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Measuring the Impact of Media Spending CHALLENGES In 2012, Insight Pharmaceuticals acquired the Monistat brand, which had retained its position as a category leader, despite several years with minimal marketing support. Insight Pharma needed to revive the brand to increase sales.  Specifically: ♦    Monitor how responsive the brand was to media spending ♦    Understand which…

AA&U: Get to the Top of the Leaderboard

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5 Insights Gained from an AA&U Study 1. Understand how many people are buying products in your category: who, why, which brands, and how often? 2. Understand what consumers like or dislike about the products available in your category. 3. Understand which brands are meeting expectations, or falling short, across a battery of measures. 4. Understand which product…

Why do consumers make the decisions they do?

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The Persuadable Research Book Giveaway makes its debut for 2017! We will choose 10 lucky marketers to receive a FREE copy of The Undoing Project by New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis. In The Undoing Project, Lewis explores the workings of the human mind. He uses the friendship of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky as…

Online Focus Groups: Bulletin Boards or Real Time

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Online focus groups provide a couple of unique twists on the original qualitative approach. In a relaxed, anonymous, online environment, focus group participants generally feel at ease. Compared with traditional focus groups, participants are freer to discuss more sensitive topics and offer candid opinions. Participating from their own homes or offices, respondents are not intimidated…

Exclusive Interview with Provisor Marketing, Part 2

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Kate Jones and Julie McPeek are consumer and brand marketing specialists, having spent a collective 30+ years at Procter & Gamble, including five years guiding new business development, before leaving P&G to start their own firm: Provisor Marketing, LLC. In part 2 of our exclusive interview, they discuss and challenges and rewards of conducting consumer research.

Tools of the Trade for Consumer Research

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Every craft has its tools of the trade. Chefs have knives. Carpenters have chisels. Surgeons have scalpels.  Twitter posters have thumbs. The field of consumer research is no different. There is an array of tools marketers use to uncover consumer insights: everything from one-on-one, man-on-the-street interviews to massive Quant studies. No single approach is right…

Marketing Directors Are Like NASA Scientists

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Plan, Prepare, Pay… Then Pray It might not seem so, but as a marketing director, you are like a NASA scientist. Both you and they plan years in advance and spend lots of money to launch new products – sometimes into the known, sometimes into the great unknown. NASA’s current Juno space probe is an…

Are You Buying This?

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J.J. Robertson was a top Los Angeles advertising Account Planning Director. Intensely curious, her research helped agencies win 13 major accounts and garner three Effies. She earned a reputation as the “Brain Sucker” and became a regular speaker at events. The industry loved her. She was flying high. Then she quit her job. To write a book. That’s when Persuadable Research got involved.


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