Our Persuadables® team uses cutting edge methodologies, including AI-powered research tools, to identify your most important targets and to evaluate your marketing messages, such as product packaging and creative concepts to attract those users to your brand.

We get to know you and your business to provide an exceptional research experience.


Methodologies are the “tools of the trade:” the different methods we use to uncover and explore data. Persuadable Research can help you determine which methods will be most effective in achieving the insights you’re looking for.

Our Core Strengths

Every company is really good at some things, but can’t be great at everything. The following survey types are the areas where we have the most experience & expertise. These are the reasons our clients keep coming back.

Advanced Analytics

Beyond a basic research study, Persuadable Research can provide a deeper look at the data with advanced analytics. These research tools can help uncover the specific insights you’re looking for.

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