January 2017 - Persuadable Research Corporation

Why do consumers make the decisions they do?

The Persuadable Research Book Giveaway makes its debut for 2017! We will choose 10 lucky marketers to receive a FREE copy of The Undoing Project by New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis. In The Undoing Project, Lewis explores the workings of the human mind. He uses the friendship of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky as

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Reviving a Brand’s Heritage

A hand & body lotion client wanted to lay out a long-term strategy to ascertain where and how to grow the brand. The brand had a strong heritage. Is that heritage still relevant? Can that heritage be leveraged further?

Persuadable Research studied the brand and its challenges, and developed a plan to map the market to determine the brand’s positioning in the competitive landscape.

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