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Undoing Project cover

The Persuadable Research Book Giveaway makes its debut for 2017! We will choose 10 lucky marketers to receive a FREE copy of The Undoing Project by New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis.

In The Undoing Project, Lewis explores the workings of the human mind. He uses the friendship of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky as the backdrop for explaining why people make the decisions they do. Kahneman and Tversky were ground-breaking behavioral economists and life-long colleagues.

The Undoing Project is a must-read for anybody who works in marketing or advertising or is otherwise interested in the dynamics of human decision making. Want to know why people elect a certain candidate or choose a particular lip balm? Lewis explains why.

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About Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis is the best-selling author of The Undoing Project, Liar’s Poker, Flash Boys, Moneyball, The Blind Side, Home Game and The Big Short, among other works.