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Learn how a client of ours used a tracking study to evaluate and increase brand awareness.
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Data is important. Data, compiled over time, is critical. It’s one thing to know where your brand is at a specific moment in time, but having multiple data points over a period of months or years, helps illustrate the direction your brand is going, relative to your competitors. Tracking studies gauge how familiar consumers are with a brand, company, product or service; and how that awareness changes over time.

Tracking studies can answer some of these questions:

  • Are you being out-spent?
  • Are you being out-maneuvered?
  • Is your brand responsive to marketing?
  • If so, which channels provide the best benefit?
    • TV, print, social media…
  • What do consumers think of the ads?

Here are some common Brand, Category & Advertising Tracking measures:

  • Top of Mind Awareness (TOM)
  • Aided & Unaided Message Recall
  • Aided & Unaided Advertising Awareness
  • Aided & Unaided Brand Awareness
  • Intent to Purchase
  • Brand Attributes (including your competitors’!!)
  • Ad Diagnostics
  • Brand Perceptions

Tracking studies can be critical to demonstrating ROI to stakeholders. (i.e.  You get to keep your job, you get more money to do your job…)

Tracking studies

  • …can identify whether your product or brand is leading the market and why or why not.
  • …can determine whether or not past marketing efforts have been successful, while helping you to improve communication with your customers or clients.
  • …can help build a case for increased marketing budgets.
  • …can help determine ideal media mix over time, and demonstrate when a particular channel is starting to lose effectiveness.

If a tracking study is just what your brand needs right now, Persuadable Research specializes in the execution and analysis of brand and category tracking studies. One of our Solutions Experts would love to talk with you about it. Call us at 913.385.1700, or fill out the contact form on this page. We’ll reach out right away!