Monistat Tracking Case Study - Persuadable Research Corporation

Measuring the Impact of Media Spending


In 2012, Insight Pharmaceuticals acquired the Monistat brand, which had retained its position as a category leader, despite several years with minimal marketing support.

Insight Pharma needed to revive the brand to increase sales.  Specifically:

    Monitor how responsive the brand was to media spending

    Understand which combination of media was most effective at “moving the needle” and increasing sales

    Determine which creative elements were breaking through and resonating with the consumer target


    Monthly tracking revealed that initial media-spending simply reinforced current awareness, without broadening the brand’s reach.

    When initial waves of tracking came back with no movement in awareness, a new ad was pushed into production in an effort to move the needle.  Creative was rotated to see if a particular ad held more resonance than the others.

   Examining the recall of creative elements in each wave suggested low recall, implying the creative strategy needed to be revisited.

    After five months, Digital was added to the mix.  Within a few months, the brand experienced significant improvement across key measures.


Due to the continuous tracking, Insight Pharma and their media agency were able to see the immediate impact of their spending.  This allowed them to make regular adjustment to their media mix, in order to maximize the impact with target consumers.

We helped Insight Pharma find a way to break through their brand’s awareness ceiling and identify elements and media to which the brand would respond.

2013:    Creative strategy was revamped
2014:    With its new-found strength in the category, the brand expanded its footprint with new products.

As the cornerstone brand of the Insight Pharmaceutical portfolio, Monistat was acquired by Prestige late in 2014.