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Project Overview

Comfort Care BLOG imageCarmex® is an “All-American” brand from an 80 year-old company with a tremendous reputation. Who doesn’t recognize the Original little jar with the yellow lid?!  Times change, however. Disruption in the lip care category created a need to understand Carmex’s position in consumers’ minds.

Carma Laboratories harnessed insights from our Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) study to help spur ideation sessions with their R&D team, ultimately leading to development of the Carmex Comfort Care Lip Balm concept.

Persuadable Research then completed a wide range of consumer research studies for Carmex Comfort Care, which included testing positioning concepts, prototypes, flavors, packaging, and an In-home Usage Test (with diaries) to evaluate the product experience over time.


In September of 2016, Carmex Comfort Care Lip Balm hit store shelves nationally and helped generate new momentum and excitement for the Carmex brand.

On February 9, 2017, Persuadable Research joined members of the Carmex team and the DID Agency (the creative agency responsible for developing the Comfort Care ad campaign) in New York City to receive the 2017 “Product of the Year Award” in Lip Care* category for Carmex Comfort Care Lip Balm.

Congratulations to the Carmex brand and all of the employees in Franklin, Wisconsin who helped bring this innovative product to market. Persuadable Research is proud to be your research partner.

If you are a brand manager looking to generate new momentum for your brand, Persuadable Research would love to be your research partner. Helping you give your brand a marketing advantage is what we love to do! See what Carma Laboratories had to say about their experience with us. 

Learn more about the award.

* In a survey of 40,000 consumers conducted by TNS

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Charles Miller (Persuadable Research), Annie McIntyre (Carmex)


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Annie McIntyre (Carmex), Bill Fay & Abby Galardi (DID Agency)