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Every craft has its tools of the trade.

Chefs have knives. Carpenters have chisels. Surgeons have scalpels.  Twitter posters have thumbs.

The field of consumer research is no different.

There is an array of tools marketers use to uncover consumer insights: everything from one-on-one, man-on-the-street interviews to massive Quant studies. No single approach is right for all situations. Products are too different, categories are too competitive, consumers are too fickle and budgets are stretched too thin for a one-size-fits-all approach.  There is a reason surgeons don’t use chefs’ knives and carpenters don’t use scalpels.

To accommodate these variables, Persuadable Research offers a range of methodologies to uncover insights marketing professionals need. Our style isn’t to force-fit a client into a particular solution. There are too many nuances.  We work WITH our clients to determine which methodology will elicit the best data.  If an “outside the box solution” is needed to satisfy unique challenges, we will create a customized solution – whatever it takes to get the job done.

If you are a marketing professional making plans for a rebrand or a product launch in 2017, Persuadable Research is poised to help answer your most vexing questions.

Here’s what we have in our toolbox:

Online Quantitative Surveys. Online Quant studies are ideal for polling a large number of people in a relatively short amount of time.

Online Bulletin Board Focus Groups (BBFG).  BBFGs explore a topic or category with more depth than traditional focus groups, while preparing for a larger quantitative study.   They are particularly valuable in situations where the research would benefit from respondent anonymity.

In-Person Focus Groups. In-person focus groups give you the chance to look the consumer in the eye and read their body language as they react to a product, package, or advertising concept.

Mall Intercepts. Mall intercepts are typically utilized when you’re looking for an immediate reaction from a large number of consumers, especially for testing prototypes, new flavors or scents.

Mobile Surveys. Mobile surveys capture what the consumer is thinking, feeling, seeing “in the wild,” in the moment with quick, easily answered questions.

In-Depth Interview (IDI). IDIs are ideal for digging deep into what consumers really think about a product or idea. Interviewers are trained to respond in the moment, with follow-up questions which will take the conversation where it needs to go.

Micro-Communities. Micro-Communities are large-scale, lengthy In-Home Usage Tests, which allow the participant to “live” with the product for an extended period of time.

Telephone Surveys. Telephone surveys can be ideal for reaching segments of the population that may be unreachable using other methods.

In-Home Usage Test (IHUT). IHUTs test product prototypes with real users for an extended period of time.

Consumer Research at PRC

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