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Rocket Powered Insights–Holiday Parties

Background In November 2021, we did a small research study to test a new offering called “Rocket Powered Insights.” The study asked 1,000 Adults 18+ about their plans for holiday gatherings during what was hoped to be the waning stages of the COVID Pandemic. The study fielded just before Thanksgiving, and here are some of the

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AAU Informs Portfolio Architecture and Innovation Opportunities to Drive Growth

Background In 2015, Carma Laboratories was seeking to accelerate growth for the Carmex lip care brand and had key questions related to: Which consumers should they target? And, what products would attract them? Rather than guessing, they pursued answers. That summer, Carma Laboratories commissioned an Attitudes, Awareness & Usage study with Persuadable Research. The results

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New Mom Shopping Survey

Earlier this year, Persuadable Research was proud to partner on a research study with RLA Collective and Mommy MD Guides® surveying both moms-to-be and new moms. The exciting results of this collaboration have just been released. The press release that follows includes a link to the reports. If you are interested in a personal “walk

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By Nicolas Genin from Paris, France (66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins

Did you know there is an ominous correlation between the number of Americans who drown each year and the number of films Nicolas Cage appears in? Obviously, these two facts are completely unrelated. Their relationship is what’s called a “spurious correlation” and is just one of many data misinterpretation traps that researchers and analysts must be careful to avoid.

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Name Testing

Persuadable Research knows how to ask the right questions of your target market, via focus groups and online surveys, to get the results that will deliver now and in the future. Name testing is a process done to find the right name for the right product. The name of a brand should appeal to the target market, connect the consumer emotionally to the product, be easy to remember and easy pronounce.

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creative strategy

Ad Pre-Testing: Will Your Ad Campaign Be Effective?

Research isn’t that important… until it “saves your bacon!” Advertising Pre-Testing: A form of concept testing which: • Identifies strengths of weaknesses of an advertisement • Measures the overall appeal and appeal to different target groups • Scores against a battery of attributes: uniqueness, relevance, eye-catching, etc. • Identifies memorable phrases and moments • Analyzes the

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The Right Market Research for You

Rubber mallet or nail gun? Grabbing the right tool for the job. Market research is valuable tool to have in your marketing toolbox. The truth is, many of us probably have tools in our toolbox that we’re not quite sure how to use.  Often, the hardest part of putting market research to work for your

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AA&U: Get to the Top of the Leaderboard

5 Insights Gained from an AA&U Study 1. Understand how many people are buying products in your category: who, why, which brands, and how often? 2. Understand what consumers like or dislike about the products available in your category. 3. Understand which brands are meeting expectations, or falling short, across a battery of measures. 4. Understand which product

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Small Business Benefits

How Market Research Benefits Small Businesses

Market Research isn’t just for Big Corporations Your growing business needs market research just as much as any large corporation. Market research gives you insight into your customers, your competitors’ customers, strengths and weaknesses of other products in your category, and new opportunities for growth. Market research delivers the insights you need to make smart

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Package Testing — First Impressions are Lasting

Do you really know what consumers want? Consumers can be fickle. To better understand what makes them tick, you need to get inside their heads. If you had magical powers and could read minds, you’d know exactly what your prospective customers want, and your work as a brand owner would be done. But you don’t

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