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Plan, Prepare, Pay… Then Pray

It might not seem so, but as a marketing director, you are like a NASA scientist.

Both you and they plan years in advance and spend lots of money to launch new products – sometimes into the known, sometimes into the great unknown.

NASA’s current Juno space probe is an example of how preparation can pay dividends years down the line.

NASA launched Juno in August, 2011 after a decade of planning. The probe reached its destination of Jupiter recently and is already sending back pictures, along with reams of data that will continue for years down the line.

Juno is a success, one that required “doing the math,” setting a trajectory, and trusting that the research would pay off.

Marketing directors and brand managers like you embark on your own Juno journeys every time you launch a new product, a new ad campaign, or a new branding campaign.

Similar to rocket scientists, you must deal with a lot of moving pieces and consider a host of variables to be successful.

The decisions you make can impact the success of a project for years to come.  That’s why it is essential to decide on a trajectory early on and stick with it.

As with rocket launches, not every new product or rebranding “launches into orbit.” Like NASA’s first Mercury bound spacecraft, the MR-1, some products never even make it off the launch pad.

Other times, a product may successfully launch, but is wounded by unforeseen circumstances down the line.  Similar to Apollo 13, actions of recovery may be required to maintain a product’s trajectory and prevent it from “burning up in the atmosphere.”

According to a scientist from NASA, “The scariest thing to me about Juno are the unknowns… nothing’s really certain about what’s going to happen.”

But when planning and execution comes together just right, the end results can be pretty spectacular. Like many of NASA’s missions, successful marketing campaigns can provide new information and influence people’s thoughts, actions, and beliefs for years to come.

Consumer Research Conducted Like Rocket Science

At Persuadable Research, our services are designed to help you uncover what awaits in the great unknown prior to launching a new campaign.  We are like the team of researchers employed by NASA who collect, explore, and analyze the data necessary for developing a successful, long term plan.

  • Our Core Strengths — the things we do best — include:
    • Attitude, Awareness, & Usage Studies (AA&U): See where you stand in relation to your competitors to help you strategize and improve your position in the market. AA&U studies focus on the attitudes, awareness, and usage of a product or service within a competitive market.
    • Brand & Category Tracking Studies: Monitor the trajectory of your project or service and gain insight over time to help illustrate the direction of your brand relative to your competitors.
    • Product Concept Testing: Test your new product concept on a smaller scale to gain insight into how it will perform in the marketplace and discover ways it can be improved.
    • Advertising Pre-Testing (Creative Testing): Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your creative concept before launching your campaign and save thousands by avoiding underperforming advertisements.

If you are interested in learning how Persuadable Research can give you a boost, give us a call at 913-385-1700, ext. 302, or use the form on this page to reach out. One of our Solutions Experts would love to talk with you.