Are You Buying This?

Julia Robertson

J.J. Robertson, aka the “Brain Sucker”

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“This smart, funny tour into the world of an account planner shines light on how advertisers connect with consumers in calculated and often hilarious ways.”

Brian Creech,
Head of Production,
Running With Scissors,
The Martin Agency

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What Do Americans *Really* Think About Money and Life?

J.J. Robertson was a top Los Angeles advertising Account Planning Director.

Intensely curious, her research helped agencies win 13 major accounts and garner three Effies. She earned a reputation as the “Brain Sucker” and became a regular speaker at events.

The industry loved her. She was flying high.

Then she quit her job. To write a book.

That’s when Persuadable Research got involved.

New to the American Scene

Prior to the book, Persuadable Research had worked with J.J. on two successful advertising pitches. I’ll never forget the first time we spoke.

“Hello,” she said in a musical Scottish accent, “I’m new to the American ad scene and I’m working on a $50 million pitch. My boss said ‘Call Persuadable Research.’ So here I am.”

Naturally, we hit it off.

When she told me she was taking a break from agency life, I was disappointed. I kept hoping her status on her LinkedIn profile would change, so that we could collaborate again. Then, out of the blue, she phoned Persuadable Research in 2011 to ask whether we could help her to bring her book-dream to life.

The book, she explained, would be based on survey research. She wanted Persuadable Research to refine, program, distribute, and collate her surveys to a statistically significant nationwide sample that matched the most recent U.S. census on multiple variables.

That’s not all . . .

Spending Her Own Money

J.J. said she would be spending her own money.

“I’m nervous,” she said. But she was also excited.

Then she emailed us two of the most innovative questionnaires I’d ever seen; questions that included narrative psychology…questions that made people stop, think, and feel.

I knew Persuadable Research had to be a part of this project.

So we got to work securing thousands of completed questionnaires, while also providing J.J. with sample logistics, and everything else we could do to help. After which, she thanked us for our work and disappeared, except once a year, J.J. would send me an email stating, ”Yes, I’m alive,” “Yes, the book is plodding forward,” and “I dream only in FileMaker Pro.”

It was through these emails that I discovered what it is to write a quality book, even when its author has passion for its subject. Writing is not easy, or pretty.  (For more, read Stephen King’s book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.”)

When I received J.J.’s email that said, “The book is complete,” I was delighted. The book is funny, insightful and entertaining. Persuadable Research is so proud of the part we played in making J.J.’s dreams come true.

Why should this matter to you? Because… if you are marketing your product to Americans, you need to know what and how they think. Are You Buying This? will give you a rare view into the hearts and minds of your consumers.

Plus, it’s a really fun read!

Charles Miller,
President & CEO,
Persuadable Research Corporation

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