Brand Name Research
September 5, 2015 Comments Closed

Name Testing

Persuadable Research knows how to ask the right questions of your target market via focus groups and online surveys to get the results that will deliver now and in the future.

Name testing is done to find the right name for the right product. The brand name should appeal to the target market, connect the consumer emotionally to the product, and be easy to remember and pronounce.

The naming process usually starts with a “wish list” of 20-30 ideas.  Then, your attorney eliminates your 10 favorites, because someone’s already claimed them.  From there, qualitative research helps to zero in on the top 3-5 names, followed by a quantitative concept test to identify the strengths & weaknesses of each.  If you’re lucky, one name stands out from the rest.  Sometimes, there is a tie.  If all the scores are great, pick your favorite using the scores on the attributes within the study.  If the tie is based on low scores, start a new “wish list!”

Points to keep in mind when naming a product:

  • Match the product or service / fit the concept
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to translate / cross cultural appeal
  • Stand out against competing brands
  • Should be protectable

Selecting the right name can influence brand positioning, image, and future sales. Persuadable Research can help you find the right name with a thoughtful, disciplined approach. We can even help you find a name that will perform in other countries or cultures. No need for marketing disasters. No need to guess.

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