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Reasons for Failure and Success of Strategic Alliances Revealed by New In-Depth Study From Business Advancement, Inc.

Did you know that 40%-60% of strategic alliances fail to meet senior executives’ expectations despite widespread sharing of best practices? The surprising reasons behind this persistent paradox and future trends for strategic alliances are revealed in a recent in-depth study from Business Advancement, Inc.

Building Powerfu lAlliancesConducted in alliance with Persuadable Research Corporation, this new study provides insights on how CEOs and senior executives can close the strategic alliance success gap and make relationships truly powerful drivers of growth. Survey respondents were primarily C-level executives of both small (under $100 million) and large ($100 million to more than $1 billion) companies. Over 15 industry sectors were represented, including a variety of manufacturing and service industries.

The survey has been synthesized in a groundbreaking report titled “Building POWERFUL Strategic Alliances: How Companies of All Sizes Can Increase Their ROI.” The report includes such insights as:

  • CEO and senior executives’ experiences and expectations about strategic alliances for 2012-2013
  • Current and emerging trends in strategic partnering
  • How companies of ALL sizes across every industry can create more agile, innovative, and powerful strategic alliance relationships that dramatically accelerate business growth and profitability

The report concludes with three foundational recommendations that enable businesses to achieve even higher levels of success and realized value from relationships.

The full report and executive summary are available for complimentary download at the Business Advancement website:

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