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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…We Love Research, How about You?

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Love and romance, chocolate and flowers… These are all things associated with Valentine’s Day as we know it today. However, the journey to this point was filled with heartache, conflict, and was once celebrated on an entirely different day. Being that we’re crazy about market research, we figured what better way to truly understand Valentine’s…

How Important are Gadgets to New Car Sales?

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With all of the recent car commercials focusing on bells and whistles such as parking assist, radars and touch screens, we at Persuadable Research decided to conduct a study on car buying. What we found was that car buying is still ruled by very practical considerations, even with the advent of new high tech gadgets….

Multitasking Behind the Wheel: a Scary Reality

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Ten and Two. That’s where your hands should be on the steering wheel at all times. However, many drivers do not follow these rules. Long boring commutes, or rushing from place to place, presses many of us into eating, grooming or engaging in behaviors that we know could be risky. A recent Persuadable Research Survey…

Baby Boomers Show Interest in Self Driving Cars

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One might wonder why the race is on to develop self driving cars. America has over 250 million cars on the road already. Clearly, there are many markets for self driving cars. One example are those over fifty, many of whom are known as Baby Boomers. It is thought that many in this group will…

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

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Preparing for a disaster is probably fairly low on most peoples’ list. It’s not much fun to do or think about for many of us. Still, there are quite a few people who consider themselves ready for anything, from a natural disaster to a man-made one. A recent study conducted by Persuadable Research has shown…

The Barriers to the Adoption of Electric Cars

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Plenty of people are interested in reducing their impact on the environment. Many of us are recycling, turning off faucets and lights, biking instead of driving and even buying energy efficient appliances. But what about cars? According to a recent survey conducted by Persuadable Research, 62% of respondents have heard of electric car makers. However,…

Will Robots Take Over the World?

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We’ve all seen the movies where robots take over the Earth and humans come together in rag tag factions to fight off the new cold steel heartless overlords. But, do people really fear robots? The answer is yes, some do, according to a January 2012 Persuadable Research Robot Survey. It appears that 10% are frightened…

Family, Religion and Gift Giving During The Holiday Season

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If you are spending time with family during the holidays, you are not alone. Most respondents, 60%, from a recent Holiday Survey conducted by Persuadable Research will spend time with only their families. While others may be spending time with friends, co-workers, or even alone, 94% of those surveyed are happy with the arrangements they’ve…

Are Cruise Ships Really Headed for Troubled Waters?

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The popularity of cruise ships has been rising for many years. Increased activities, destinations and shipboard facilities have driven this growth. In fact, the number of people who took a cruise in 2012 was around 20 million, and nearly 20% of Americans have taken a cruise. However, cruise interest may be declining due to recent…

Reasons for Failure and Success of Strategic Alliances Revealed by New In-Depth Study From Business Advancement, Inc.

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Did you know that 40%-60% of strategic alliances fail to meet senior executives’ expectations despite widespread sharing of best practices? The surprising reasons behind this persistent paradox and future trends for strategic alliances are revealed in a recent in-depth study from Business Advancement, Inc. Conducted in alliance with Persuadable Research Corporation, this new study provides…


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