Nearly Half of Respondents Say They Will Take a Staycation in 2013 - Persuadable Research Corporation

Staycations are the answer for those unable to go on vacations far from their home due to finances or work obligations. A staycation is a mini getaway that does not require long distance travel. Examples of staycations might be going to a local amusement park or zoo. In a recent Persuadable Research Travel Survey, we asked respondents if they would be taking a staycation, and if so, where would they be spending their time and money.

At the top of the list was visiting an area zoo, 41%. Zoos are easy family trips where the entire family can enjoy a day out, including children and seniors. Visiting museums was the next most popular staycation activity, 39%. This was also the most popular among those over 50, 46%. The third most popular activity was going to local amusement parks, 35%.

Enjoying the great outdoors garnered quite a few votes. Many said they would be going fishing, 26%, visiting a national park, 25%, biking, 24%, hiking, 23%, canoeing, 9%, water skiing, 7%. These activities can often be done at a lower cost than other kinds of vacations and may have become more popular due to the recent recession. Almost one third of panelists said they would be going camping or spending time in an RV in 2013.

Other popular activities include water parks, 22%, visiting art galleries, 22%, going to theme parks like Sea World, 18%, golfing, 8%, and skiing, 4%. Nearly half of the respondents said they would go on a staycation this year. However, 16% said they would just be staying home.

Staycations appear to be a popular way for people to enjoy themselves without spending too much time or money. Zoos are the most popular activity, most likely because they appeal to all age ranges. Museums were much more popular among those over 50, and amusement parks were the favorite of those 18 – 34. Overall, female respondents preferred to go to the zoo as well. What was the favorite activity among men? Fishing.

Source: 2013 Persuadable Research Travel Survey