Marketing Directors Are Like NASA Scientists

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Plan, Prepare, Pay… Then Pray It might not seem so, but as a marketing director, you are like a NASA scientist. Both you and they plan years in advance and spend lots of money to launch new products – sometimes into the known, sometimes into the great unknown. NASA’s current Juno space probe is an…

Do You Really Know What Consumers Want?

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Consumer Research Removes the Guesswork Package Testing Package testing is a foundational component of consumer research that: • Identifies intent to purchase. • Measures recall of the brand and package elements. • Scores against a battery of attributes: uniqueness, relevance, eye-catching, etc. • Is beneficial for new and existing brands. • Helps brands find and keep…

Market Research

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Market research is the process of gathering, recording, and analyzing data in order to gain insight into the consumer’s mind, whether that consumer is a “general population” buyer of CPG products or a complex Business to Business (B2B) marketing target. The goal of market research is to identify wants, needs or beliefs so that companies…

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