Package Testing — First Impressions are Lasting

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Do you really know what consumers want? Consumers can be fickle. To better understand what makes them tick, you need to get inside their heads. If you had magical powers and could read minds, you’d know exactly what your prospective customers want, and your work as a brand owner would be done. But you don’t…

Marketing Directors Are Like NASA Scientists

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Plan, Prepare, Pay… Then Pray It might not seem so, but as a marketing director, you are like a NASA scientist. Both you and they plan years in advance and spend lots of money to launch new products – sometimes into the known, sometimes into the great unknown. NASA’s current Juno space probe is an…

Market Research

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Market research is the process of gathering, recording, and analyzing data in order to gain insight into the consumer’s mind, whether that consumer is a “general population” buyer of CPG products or a complex Business to Business (B2B) marketing target. The goal of market research is to identify wants, needs or beliefs so that companies…

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