Concept Testing: You’re Thinking of Doing What?!?

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Concept Testing Validates Your Ideas Two hundred and forty years ago, when the colonies broke away from England, it was a radical concept: one that created a nation that has since become the most famous brand — “America” — in the history of the world. What’s amazing is that the Founding Fathers didn’t have access…

New Product Development

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New product development research is part of the process of taking an idea and turning it into a reality – a product or service which can be offered on the open market. This process allows a company to study a category, identify what consumers really want, evaluate opportunities for new products or services, and build…

Market Research

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Market research is the process of gathering, recording, and analyzing data in order to gain insight into the consumer’s mind, whether that consumer is a “general population” buyer of CPG products or a complex Business to Business (B2B) marketing target. The goal of market research is to identify wants, needs or beliefs so that companies…

Concept Testing

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It can cost hundreds of thousands, to millions, of dollars to bring a new product to marketplace.  Marketing research can be a critical tool in new product development.  Concept testing is a fundamental part of this process. Concept testing can use qualitative research at the front end, as part of the exploratory process, while developing…

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