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Troy Healthcare uncovered a new technology with the potential to bring relief to consumers suffering a potentially debilitating condition.

They needed to understand the migraine category completely. Who are the sufferers? What is the nature of the suffering? Are they open to new ideas? How much would they pay for a new product?


checkboxesSufferers are desperate for relief, and they’re very open to new approaches and new thinking. We identified the core target and defined the differences between frequent and occasional sufferers.

checkboxesWe identified the ideal positioning from feedback to multiple options presented to respondents.

checkboxesWe determined that the client could go with a higher price point on product launch.


migraine-stop“Persuadable Research played an instrumental role in helping to inform our marketing strategy. We were venturing into a new category and needed to understand the fundamental challenges faced by marketers in the space. Their comprehensive approach to our AA&U study gave us clear direction in three critical areas.

  • First, they gave us a deeper understanding of the consumers’ experiences and expectations in managing the condition. And as a result, they identified our core target audience for this new product.
  • Second, they identified the optimal positioning for the product based on the consumers’ preferences.
  • Most importantly, they uncovered supporting evidence which indicated that the optimal positioning would allow us to go with a higher price point than we originally thought.

As a result, Persuadable Research armed us with valuable insights which helped us craft a winning marketing strategy for our new product.”

Anthony Cicini, VP
Troy Healthcare