Pre/Post-Awareness Case Study - Persuadable Research Corporation

Measuring Awareness, Trial & Usage



A company with multiple regional brands was looking to measure awareness, trial, usage, and campaign effectiveness among heavy users within the category.

  • Uncover changes in “top of mind” (TOM) and aided recall, ad recall, changes in purchase behavior, and future purchase intent
  • Determine if re-positioning efforts were getting through via attributes associated with the brand
  • In the post study, determine if markets with higher target rating point (TRP) spending levels outperformed markets with lower spending levels.



checkboxes General upward trends were identified in most measures, except TOM. TOM tends to be more volatile in low-involvement categories.

checkboxes More importantly, elements surrounding the brand’s personality showed increases, demonstrating that re-positioning efforts were getting through to target consumers.

checkboxes A consistent increase in reported quality was noted over the long term, further reflecting that adjustments in positioning were resonating.

checkboxes The research showed a correlation between media spending levels and increases in awareness, trial & usage. This helped to reveal a minimum TRP threshold for marketing effectiveness.


  • Consistent measurement demonstrated the effectiveness and value of marketing investment, giving brand leadership the confidence to ramp up marketing efforts.
  • Provided a measure of the campaign’s influence on key measures and brand attributes
  • Helped determine the minimum spending level for success in new markets
September, 2015
“Persuadable Research is a valuable strategic partner to Clarity Coverdale Fury and to our clients. Over the last 10 years, they have helped us in many ways, including in our own business development. Their efforts, insights and actionable research has been invaluable. They are responsive, collaborative and provide us with a reliable, high quality experience with every project.”
Rob Rankin
Partner & President, Clarity Coverdale Fury