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There is almost always something special about a brand. The trick is understanding the consumer’s perspective on what makes your brand special or unique. These perceptions help define the position a brand holds in their mind. These perceptions can be changed slowly, with a clear strategy, good marketing and strong insights about where a brand has “permission” to go.

Exploration of what makes a brand “tick” can be done qualitatively or quantitatively. The methodology employed depends on the specific challenge.

  • Attitude, Awareness & Usage (AA&U) studies are large, sprawling studies that include everything (and more) that a brand profiling study would explore. AA&Us not only examine your brand, but also show where your brand is positioned, relative to other brands in the category:  your competitors. Not every brand, however, has the budget for a big AA&U study.
  • Brand profiling studies are smaller studies (a subset of an AA&U) that look specifically at your brand.
  • Brand profiling studies explore the associations consumers have with a particular brand. i.e. it’s an old brand, a new brand, a “hip” brand, a modern brand, a brand for people like me, etc.
  • What attributes do consumers associate with the brand?  For example:
    • Honest
    • Trustworthy
    • Natural
    • A good value
  • What iconography do they associate with the brand?
  • Do they recall the history of the brand?
  • Do they think the brand tells a story?
  • Do they remember how the brand entered their consciousness?
    • Was it a brand their mother used?
    • Did a friend introduce it?
    • Did they discover it on their own?
  • What makes this brand different from other brands selling the same thing?

A GPS only works if it knows where you are. Brand profiling studies are your “GPS,” showing you where your brand is in the minds of consumers. When you know where you are, you can decide where you want to go.

Persuadable Research specializes in helping brands find their footing, then move forward with confident expectation in a rapidly evolving competitive landscape. If you are concerned that your brand is losing its footing, one of our Solutions Experts would love to talk with you about a plan to move your brand forward with confidence.