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November 12, 2014 Comments Closed

Family, Religion and Gift Giving During The Holiday Season

If you are spending time with family during the holidays, you are not alone. Most respondents, 60%, from a recent Holiday Survey conducted by Persuadable Research will spend time with only their families. While others may be spending time with friends, co-workers, or even alone, 94% of those surveyed are happy with the arrangements they’ve made. In fact, panelists were asked if they would prefer to avoid family celebrations, but the majority, 84%, said no.

Religion is also playing a bigger role in celebrations this year. Almost one-third, 32%, confirmed that religious celebrations are more important to them this year than last. In fact, 47% intend to go to church or engage in other religious ceremonies this season. Over half, 52%, have a favorite family or friend related tradition that they will practice. One panelist said that “Spending a lot of time together, going to church as a family, baking with everyone, helping frost cookies and such, and then a huge dinner” is what they look forward to doing. Overall, religion will play some role in holiday celebrations for 69% of panelists. Only 26% will be doing anything different from last year.

More than half of panelists, 57%, stay home to celebrate, while 26% will travel locally. A smaller percentage, 17%, will travel a distance for the celebrations.

Gift giving is extremely important to 23% of respondents. For 15%, gift giving is not important at all or not very important. It appears that 11% will not be buying gifts this year; the main reason is lack of money. Interestingly, extended family and friends had the same chance of receiving a gift as 47% indicated that they would be purchasing gifts for these groups. Others will give co-workers gifts, 16%, and 11% of respondents indicated that they would be giving teachers gifts. Additionally, 12% will give to charities. According to the survey, 8% of panelists will give their boss a gift, which is equal to the number that will give their mailman a gift.

Holiday celebrations are alive and well among families across the United States. Baking, gift giving and going to church are among some of the more popular activities.

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