The State of Vacation - Persuadable Research Corporation

Everyone knows how popular vacations are for Americans. Some enjoy visiting the same places every year, while others strive for adventure overseas. Everyone clearly has their own unique way to spend their precious time and money. A recent 2013 Persuadable Research Travel Survey sheds light on how we spend our vacation time.

In this travel survey, it was found that 80% of respondents have already taken a vacation or intend to take a vacation in 2013. Most of the vacations, 68%, will be domestic, but 8% will be international. Almost one fourth of panelists, 24%, said that they will take both international and domestic vacations this year.

Vacation spending ranges quite a bit. The bulk of travelers, 45%, will spend between $1,000 to $4,000 on vacations this year. Another 16% will spend between $500 and $1,000, and an equal number will spend between $4,000 and $6,000. When asked if the economy will affect vacation plans this year, 41% answered that it will negatively impact their vacation plans. This is compared to 47% who answered similarly last year. Perhaps, this is an indication that the economy is improving.

Most respondents declared that they will travel with their spouse or significant other, 64%. Around 40% of the families will travel with children or other family members. Friends are popular travel companions too with 18% of panelists saying they will be hitting the road with a friend. This is followed by 7% who will go alone, and lastly, 5%, will travel with a co-worker.

The most popular destinations domestically are as follows: Florida, California, New York, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada. Internationally, people will be visiting Europe, Mexico, South America, Canada and the Caribbean. Interestingly, 57% of panelists like to visit the same place every year.

When asked how advertising influences vacation plans, over one third, 38%, stated that they were indeed influenced by advertising. Television and Internet ads played an equal role with 56% of respondents stating that they were influenced by these ads, which is notable. Only 29%, comparatively, where influenced by print or magazines, and only 12% were influenced by radio. The best advertising was word of mouth, with 66% of respondents saying they’ve visited or plan to visit a destination based on someone’s recommendation.

Source: 2013 Persuadable Research Travel Survey