Pre/Post-Awareness Case Study

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Measuring Awareness, Trial & Usage   CHALLENGES A company with multiple regional brands was looking to measure awareness, trial, usage, and campaign effectiveness among heavy users within the category. Uncover changes in “top of mind” (TOM) and aided recall, ad recall, changes in purchase behavior, and future purchase intent Determine if re-positioning efforts were getting…

Are You Prepared for Disaster?

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Preparing for a disaster is probably fairly low on most peoples’ list. It’s not much fun to do or think about for many of us. Still, there are quite a few people who consider themselves ready for anything, from a natural disaster to a man-made one. A recent study conducted by Persuadable Research has shown…

The State of Vacation

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Everyone knows how popular vacations are for Americans. Some enjoy visiting the same places every year, while others strive for adventure overseas. Everyone clearly has their own unique way to spend their precious time and money. A recent 2013 Persuadable Research Travel Survey sheds light on how we spend our vacation time. In this travel…

Where Would Your Dream Vacation Take You?

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Have you ever stopped to think where you would go for vacation if you had unlimited resources? A recent online survey conducted by Persuadable Research Corporation found that historical vacations were actually the most popular, 66%. This was closely followed by relaxing and spending time on the beach, both of which are equally popular at…

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