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Where Would Your Dream Vacation Take You?

Have you ever stopped to think where you would go for vacation if you had unlimited resources? A recent online survey conducted by Persuadable Research Corporation found that historical vacations were actually the most popular, 66%. This was closely followed by relaxing and spending time on the beach, both of which are equally popular at 64%. Over half, 57%, wanted to spend time shopping. Other activities that garnered interest were enjoying nightlife, 34%, adventure activities (skydiving, water rafting, etc.), 33%, and hiking, fishing or camping, 28%. Slightly less than a quarter of respondents, 24%, wanted to visit friends or family, and 17% would like to spend some time reading. A small number, 5%, simply wanted to stay home.

Interestingly, the degree to which people wanted to engage in these activities while on vacation was influenced by gender. Many more women, by a 12% gap, wanted to go on historical vacations, although this was still the most popular activity for men as well. The second most liked activity for men was to go the beach, 57%, followed by relaxing,53%, and adventure vacations, 43%. Notably, more men preferred to visit friends or family, 28%, compared to that of women at 22%, and double the men would rather stay home, 8%, compared to women, 4%.

Women ranked relaxing, 69%, second behind visiting historical sites. Also, significantly more women wanted to shop, 64%, versus 42% of men. A full 10% more men wanted to enjoy the nightlife when compared to women, and almost one out of five, 19%, of women would like to spend time reading, while only 11% of men answered similarly.

When asked where panelists would go on their dream vacation, responses were split nearly into thirds. 31% wanted to travel domestically, 35% wanted to travel abroad, and 35% selected both. Respondents overwhelmingly wanted to stay at five star hotels, 37%, or all inclusive resorts, 34%. A smaller number, 8%, said they wanted to stay with friends or family, and 7% wanted to stay at a campground. Only 5% dreamt about going on a cruise.

When respondents were asked “how likely is it that your dream vacation will become a reality”, the most optimistic were males between the ages of 18 to 34. A high number, 40%, thought they were “very or extremely likely” to go on their dream vacation. Women from the same age group were about half as optimistic with only 23% believing the same. The least optimistic group were those over fifty, with 27% stating that they are not at all likely to go on their dream vacation.

Based on other data collected during this survey, the widest gap between real vacations and dream vacations appears to be the lack of spending. Actual vacations are more likely to be domestic than international and many do not stay in five star hotels. Dream vacation or not, 80% of respondents plan to travel during 2013. The desire to enjoy other places, relax and spend time outside of our daily routines is a treasured part of our lives.

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