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Name Pre-Test

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Name Pre-test Saves the Day!   Challenges Our client pre-tested three product names for fit, purchase intent, appeal and relevance. It’s a good thing they did! Insights All three names chosen by the marketer failed to meet the established action standard. In fact, their preferred choice was least favored by a wide margin. Impact Our…

TV Ad Study

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Edgy or Irritating? How will you know if your ad crosses that line? Challenges Determine the effectiveness and impact of new TV ads in existing markets Decide whether or not to continue with the ads or start fresh with something new.   Insights While the TV ads were motivating, a deeper dive into the diagnostics…

Playing The Name Game

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Names & Labels That Resonate   Challenges The challenges for this pre/probiotic supplement client include understanding the awareness and usage of their category, identifying the packaging label that resonates most, and determining the best name for their product.   Insights Distinct opportunity to raise awareness of client’s brand. No clear winner was identified. Research identified…

Suppositories Brand Profiling Study

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You Put It Where?!? Suppositories: Challenges and Barriers to Use Challenges How receptive are moms to suppositories as a form of medication, given the risk of overdosing and the side effects associated with it? Does it have more appeal among special cases, where children would not ingest the entire dosage? The challenge was to understand…

Healthcare Brand AA&U Study

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To Rebrand or Not to Rebrand?   Challenges A large hospital in a top 5 market acquired a prominent specialized medical practice. They wanted to understand awareness and attitudes towards the medical practice within the regional market area. They also wanted to determine how the hospital system and medical practice might be impacted by the…

Lotion Brand AA&U Study

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Ah, There’s the Rub! A Lotion Brand’s Strengths & Weaknesses Challenges This family-owned brand needed a clearer understanding of attitudes, awareness, and usage of its brand, especially among its heavy users. They also needed a better understanding of the category, to identify their true competitors, in order to compare strengths and weaknesses. Insights Gained deeper…

Marketing Concept On Target?

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Challenges Four years after the collapse of the credit markets, a recovery had begun. The client, a financial services firm, wanted to test the waters for a new type of consumer financing product and sought to understand consumers’ perceptions of financial services companies and the professionals who refer consumers to this type of product. Are…


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